The Gallery Painting Group of London Ontario



Quilter's Blues by Moira Burke

Stepsisters by Giulio Goso

Coldstream Conservation Area, by Helen Weimer

Autumn in the Park by Helen Weimer

Along the Path, Gibbons Park, watercolour by Susan Garrington


Fence Line at Quaker Meeting House, watercolour by Susan Garrington

Windmills at Storybook Gardens, acrylic by Janice Howell


Welcome to Circle R Ranch, acrylic by Janice Howell


Sunflowers at the Wagon Shed, acrylic by Janice Howell

Sunny Side Up, watercoulour by Helen Bruzas


62 Bruce Street, watercoulour by Helen Bruzas


Heeman's Nursery by Ann Roy

Longwoods Road, Mount Brydges by Ann Roy

Gibbons Park by Ann Roy

Blue Bike by Mary Anne Watson


Calico Kitty at Marsh's Quilt Shop by Mary Anne Watson


Sunflowers on a Stormy Day by Mary Anne Watson


Jury Farmhouse at Pioneer Village, oil painting by Amelia Husnik


Cowan's Homestead, oil painting by Amelia Husnik


Carol's Backyar4d, watercolour by Amelia Husnik


The Old Bell, watercolour and ink by Michele Stewart



Wheat Stubble 1, acrylic by Sandi McCabe

Wheat Stubble 2, acrylic by Sandi McCabe

Thames River at Gibbons Park, acrylic by Sandi McCabe


Fanshawe Park by Moira Burke

Bend in the River by Moira Burke


Gibbons Park Path by Moira Burke

Longwood Roads Field by Moira Burke


Bruce Street Daisies by Moira Burke


Vista, ink on Yupo paper by Mary Jane Armstrong




Turtles at Komoka, ink on Yupo paper by Mary Jane Armstrong



Monarch Flight, mixed media by Mary Jane Armstrong




Circle R Ranch, watercolour painting by Carleen Baker Allum



Flutter By, ink on Yupo paper by Mary Jane Armstrong





Ontario Street, St Marys, watercolour by Hilda Markson Gray


Storm Over Erie Rest Beach, oil painting by Maribeth Stevenson


Humpty Dumpty at Storybook Gardens, watercolour by Maribeth Stevenson

East London Cottage, watercolour by Maribeth Stevenson

Watercolour by Brenda Roberts


Watercolour by Brenda Roberts



Watercolours by Brenda Roberts



Cooks Road Porch, watercolour by Len Hughes

Coldstream Conservation Area, oil painting by Caraleen Baker Allum


A Very Special Place, acrylic by Caraleen Baker Allum




Sunflowers at the Wagon, acrylic by Caraleen Baker Allum


Circle R Ranch, oil painting by Caraleen Baker Allum




The Crosby Farm, watercolour by Caraleen Baker Allum





Outbuilding with Character, watercolour by Len Hughes

The Guest  House, acrylic by Lynne Pinchin



The Cowans' Home, watercolour by Len Hughes (sold)



Yellow Brick House, watercolour by Michele Stewart



The Wonder of Water, watercolour by Michele Stewart



Old East, acrylic by Michele Stewart

43 Bruce Sreet, watercolour by Marilyn Kydd

Canadian Home, watercolour by Hilda Markson Gray



Up in the Loft, pastel by Susan Moore

Three Peonies by Helen Bruzas



Fallen Pine, pastel by Ilona Burkhardt at Circle R Ranch

Komoka Ponds, oil, by Ilona Burkhardt at Komoka

  1. Komoka Ponds by Ilona Burkhardt

Blue Shadows and Beyond, pastel by Ilona Burkhardt on Gainsborough Road

  2. Blue Shadows and Beyond





Our currently featured member is Sandi McCabe

Sandi McCabe has been painting with the GPG Group for over 10 years.  She attends most paint outs and simply LOVES connecting with nature as her brush sings away!"  Sandi loves acrylics because, “If I want to improve right away on some brush stokes, I do !  No waiting for paint to dry ... just make the change!”  Sandi's works are always loaded with vibrant colours. Sandi shows her works at the GPG Annual Show in October at the Byron Library.  The Teacha Tea House on Blackfriars Road is a favourite spot where Sandi shows her works.  Her BIGGEST Annual Show is with the group called, The Shady Artists at the Arts Project on Dundas Street.  September 5 to 15 marks the dates of the 2018 Show. for complete programming details. Sandi paints her landscapes not only in and around London, but also Kilbear Park in Northern Ontario, The Toronto Islands, Fort Myers Beach, Florida and just about anywhere she can make room for her paints to tag along. 


    To see more of Sandi's paintings,   click here.


                                       PAINTINGS INCLUDED IN OUR OCTOBER 2017 SHOW AND SALE

                 T. Poole        M. Burke

                M. Stewart   S. Cowling

                                   D. d.hunter Adams

                S. Moore    J. Eberhard

               B. Roberts   C. Eichstedt

               I. Burghardt  S. McCabe

              M.A. Watson    C. Edwards

              M. Kidd    W. Slemon

             A. McLean   H. Weiner

             R. Jervis     M. Thornicroft

             M. Stevenson   H. Bruzas

             C. Meredith        G. Goso

             J. Howell     M. Lazenby

             M.L. Smith    L. Hughes

             A. Husnik


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