The Gallery Painting Group of London Ontario
21 Apr 2013 A Wonderful Opportunity to View Art Exhibitions From World Galleries Category: Show/Exhibit

Two Cineplex theatres in London one at Silvercity (Masonville) and the other at Odeon (Westmount) will be showing LIVE in HD visits of amazing ART EXHIBITIONS that are on currently at some of the worlds's greatest art galleries. It is a great way to see these exhibitions without having to actually travel to the country that is holding it. The cinema tickets for these events are $17 (regular), $15 (seniors), $11.50 (children). The screenings are live from the exhibition and are only shown on two dates here.

The first is the Manet Exhibition from London, England and the dates are April 28th ( the other date was April 11).

The second exhibition is the Munch Exhibition and the dates are June 27 and July 21.

The third exhibition is the Vermeer Exhibition and the dates are October 10 and November 3.

In addition to these great art exhibitions, Cineplex also offers a fantastic series of OPERAS Live from the Met in New York, a series of BALLETS live from the Boshoi in Moscow (only at Westmount) and a series of PLAYS by the National Theatre in London, England. I regularly go to all of these and they are absolutely fantastic! You see the world's best dancers, you hear the world's best singers and all that for about $25. I strongly encourage you all to go! We want to keep them showing these events in London.

For more information Google: and then choose 'Events' in the strip across the top and then choose 'Exhibitions' (or Met opera, Dance series, NT plays live, etc.). 'Participating theatres' and dates will give you the fine details.