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Thank you to all that came to the perspective workshops for all your appreciation and kind words. Special thanks to Amelia for organize and hosting the event! Happy painting to all! Lynda, Mike and Banjo
Lynda Giles - 24 Jun 2012
Great Site!
Alvaro E. Madrigal - 3 Aug 2011
Hi everyone. I just wanted to thank you all for making me feel welcome and including me in one of your outings. I had a great time ( although i did burn my head a little... should have taken my own advice and wore a hat) and i hope those of you who were there took away something helpful. You are an extremely easy group to get along with. i hope to see you all again!
Jamie Jardine - 29 May 2011
Sue's foresight has given us a cooperative venue for our talented artists. Bravo!
Dorothy (d.hunter) Adams - 4 May 2011
A wonderful site and a feather in your cap Sue! The GPG is now on the Pleir Air map. Congratulations.
Lynne Pinchin - 12 Feb 2011
I think that this is a wonderful start! I am excited! Now this pushes me to get something together to get on this site! Well done, Sue!
Sandi McCabe - 5 Feb 2011
Congratulations, Sue! A wonderful initiative that will expand the enjoyment the Gallery Painting Group brings to others. Thanks you for all you have done and are doing to make this possible. JW
Joan Wolfe - 3 Feb 2011
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