The Gallery Painting Group of London Ontario

The Gallery Painting Group at West Haven







Building Panels for the GPG show


GPG at the WoodField Street fair


Anne McLean, Amelia Husnik, Catherine Eichstedt and Peter Karas


  Marilyn Kydd and Margaret Thornicroft at  the GPG booth



Nick Huizinga at Woodfield Street Fair


Paint Out in St Mary's





WoodField Paint Out


Critique Time

Catherine Eichstedt

Anneke Solomon

Darlene Pfaff


Gallery Painting Group at Covent Garden Market


Mary Anne Watson

Ilona Burkhardt and Marlene Menzies

Janice Howell

Michele Stewart


The Gallery Painting Group at First St. Andrew United Church 

Chuck Edwards












Ann Roy painting at Reservoir Park


  Elise Longo painting at Reservoir Park



 Anne McLean at Circle R Ranch



Jean Grady at Circle R  Ranch