The Gallery Painting Group of London Ontario
Plein air painting club based in London, Ontario


Paint-out on Pack Road - September 2022


Paint-out in Lambeth - September 2022



Paint-out at Fanshawe Yacht Club - August 2022


Workshop at Cedarmere Manor with Mary Anne Dente - August 2022

Mary Anne showed participants how to start a painting by doing a value study in India ink on their blank canvas, followed by a wash of colour in acrylic or oil, then the application of paint. Participants had a great time, in spite of the very hot weather.


Paint-out at Arva Flour Mill - July 2022


Paint-out on Bruce Street, Wortley Village - July 2022


Paint-out at Sinclair Road, Ilderton - June 2022




Paint-out at Gibbons Park - June 2022


Paint-out at 12 Kinnear Crescent - June 2022


Paint-out at Wortley Village, Lambeth - June 2022

Paint-out at Talbot Village, Lambeth - May 2022


Paint-out at Greenway Park - May 2022